About Us

CropLife International member companies work together with the global seed production, grain
handling and processing value chain entities to provide access to appropriate reference materials
and diagnostic methods, and to encourage international standardization and coordination of test
proficiency and validation efforts.

The use of reliable, validated, and internationally accepted methods is critical to avoid release of
inaccurate test results which can potentially result in disputes and/or regulatory enforcement
actions with negative economic impacts on trade.  CropLife International and its member
companies therefore promote the implementation of harmonized, practical and science-based
laws, regulations or policies for the development, validation, and utilization of detection methods
for GM crops.

To achieve these aims, CropLife International established the Detection Methods Expert Team to
provide technical expertise and recommendations to CropLife International and its member
companies. The team manages the CropLife Detection Methods Database and also develops
consensus positions on detection methods related technical issues, provides answers to questions
from regulatory agencies and coordinates with other technical groups as appropriate.

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