The CropLife International Detection Methods Database

Today, there are at least 55 commercial traits in more than 50 countries which are growing and/or consuming biotech crops.  Because many of these countries are major agricultural exporting countries, such as the United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and Australia, much of the grain traded globally today is derived from biotech crops. Reliable detection methods (DM) to test for the presence of agricultural biotechnology products are critical to help ensure smooth international trade transactions.

The plant biotechnology industry is committed to doing its part to support smooth trade transactions in the global agricultural community. As part of this commitment, CropLife International and its members have made their detection methods for commercialized biotech-derived products — and related materials and information — available in this online and searchable database.

Current and future biotech traits in the marketplace are increasingly complex and require specialized and accurate detection methods. Today, more than ever, reliable, validated, and internationally-accepted detection methods are critical to facilitate seamless global trade. The detection methods available here have been developed and validated by the technology providers for their own proprietary technologies and products. The plant biotechnology industry believes that sharing industry-developed detection methods can assist in achieving global harmonization of testing efforts.

The database is continuously being refined to respond to user recommendations and needs via this form.